About US


Welcome to Bazarli, where you can find hundreds and thousands of quality products at reasonable prices! Since our establishment, we have been working hard to integrate internet technology and our strong bond with manufacturing sectors in Turkey to bring a quality life without borders to our customers. In the unceasing pursuit of the best customer experience, Bazarli has been one of the leading mobile E-commerce platform in the MENA area.


Company Background!

Bazarli.com established in January 2022, is a joint venture between Bazarli Group and Red Shift Group focusing on the eCommerce sector. Bazarli Group brings together Red Shift’s background in technology and innovation with Bazarli Group’s local expertise, regional experience, and strong assets.

Resulting from this strong partnership, Bazarli Group launched its new eCommerce investment, Bazarli.com, in the first quarter of 2022. This new venture operates as an open market platform connecting diverse Turkish stores and brands with millions of GCC customers. We move in line with our strategy to provide value propositions based on trust and convenience to customers and support and care to shops and brands within an ecosystem built upon a strong integration with strategic partners. Our mission is to be the formative power in reshaping the GCC eCommerce sector by providing innovative services to customers and stores. Our manner of support differentiates us from other brands.



Since the launch of the company, Bazarli.com has developed for the better each day and increased the level of customer satisfaction. The key to success, for Bazarli.com, is creating happy customers that will visit the site multiple times. Our main goal is to improve customers’ on-site and after- sale experiences. To measure these experiences, in addition to direct customer feedback, we use metrics such as numbers of visits, visitors, buyers, buyer frequency, members, opt-in members, and more. Our long term goals consist of increasing these metrics besides the transaction volume.


Our advantages!

· We offer quality products and our delivery is quick and precise.

· We optimize your shopping experience.

· We offer non-discriminatory prices to everyone, wherever in the world you are.

· We provide decent 24/7 customer service.

· We maximize your business potentials.